Horn Flush System

Horn Flush Cleaning System

Horn Flush is the professional do-it-yourself cleaning system that allows anyone to perform regular maintenance cleanings to their brass instrument without using harsh chemicals. Horn Flush is safe for all finishes: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Nickel, and Lacquer!

• The complete Horn Flush System includes concentrate, Horn Blaster, and storage bag!

• The 16 oz. bottle included in the Horn Flush System comes with 4 oz. of Horn Flush; enough concentrate for up to 4 flushes! (2 low brass).

• The environmentally friendly and water-soluble solution is swished into the instrument to loosen built up dirt, grit, and food particles that impede the smooth movement of valves and slides. As a bonus, it leaves your instrument smelling great!

• The Jet Blaster can be used to easily discharge and flush out the loosened particles from your instrument.

We recommend cleaning your horn at least once every 90 days depending on the amount of use and when the instrument is used. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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32 oz. Bottle Refill

1 gal. Jug: For the Shop & Schools

The 32 oz. bottle of Horn Flush concentrate is enough for up to 32 flushes! (16 low brass).

This refill bottle is perfect for when you need to replenish your supply.

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32oz. Refill
1 gal. Jug

The 1 gal. jug of Horn Flush concentrate was conceived with the shop in mind. Are you a shop owner with lots of horns to clean? This jug's for you!

The 1 gallon jug contains enough Horn Flush concentrate to clean up to 128 High Brass instruments (64 low brass)!

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